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The Wicked Irish® Clothing Company is located in Massachusetts where our own Irish Immigrant ancestors settled to begin living the American dream. We have a culture that celebrates friends and family life and we are proud of our traditions and our heritage.

The Wicked Irish® Clothing Company was established in 2006. The company was focused on expressing the unique character of being Irish by offering fun, casual apparel with the signature label “Wicked Irish” to identify its local roots and cultural pride.

Today, 2013, the company is under new ownership and even though our goal to offer unique, fun, casual apparel under the same “Wicked Irish” label remains, we have made changes that offer our customers great quality apparel and accessories at affordable prices.

The original company philosophy continues to be simple … Enjoy life … Family, Friends, and have Fun! We promise to produce quality products that you will be proud to wear and provide you with the best customer service that we can.