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Wicked Irish aspires to be more than simply a clothing line.  We want our customers to embrace our company culture and feel like they are part of the brand.  Being Wicked Irish means a lot of things to different people.  While Wicked Irish epitomizes fun, friends, and the celebration of a proud and storied Celtic culture – we are firm believers in giving back.

Our philosophy has always been to help those in need.  Whether we are supporting a large, international charity or a small, local fundraiser we are always excited and privileged to support a worthy cause.

As you will see, we support a wide variety of charities ranging from the food banks to children’s charities to medical centers.

Our goal is quite simple – provide assistance to those in need as often as possible.

For EVERY Wicked Irish event we donate proceeds to respective charity and will continue to do so.

We hope our customers have the same outlook as Wicked Irish.